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Current Work

At Batemans Mill

Abraxas Review, Issue 1, September 2023

The Last of Summer

Shorts Magazine, Vol 4, August 2023

Bobtail Five

The Write Launch, August 2023

Required Fields

The Write Launch, January 2023

The Key to the Fields

Book of Matches, Issue 7, January 2023

Things Left Behind on the Moon

The Write Launch, November 2021

Take the Well

Garden Literary Review, July 2021

All Water is Cold Water

The Meadow, July 2021


Draw Near the Horizon

The New Guard, Vol 7, November 2018


The New Guard, Vol 6, December 2017

The Usable Day

The New Guard, Vol 5, August 2016

Big Time Julie

Cactus Heart, Issue 16, June 2016

Hard Bitten

Extracts in Icarus Down Review, January to June 2016


An interview with
Mark Wagstaff

bookscover2cover, December 2022

An interview with
Mark Wagstaff

An interview with
Mark Wagstaff

All Lit Up, January 2018

An interview with
Mark Wagstaff

Rob McLennan's Blog, January 2018

Essays and Posts

The Book That Changed My Life

Authority Magazine, December 2022

Three Days Locked In A Novel

Writing.ie, December 2022

Seven Things I Want My Readers To Know About Me

Female First, November 2022

Making It Up

bookscover2cover, September 2022